Saturday, August 2, 2008

1000 POSTS!!!!!

Today is post number 1000 for me! I can't believe I have been rambling online like this since 2006.
I am going to link some old ones I have dug back through.....
The arrival of Jagger.
Christmas at the hospital.
In search of a church
The loss of baby Faith
My girl, Karsyn
Back to just being Mom
Kodak moments of the one and only Michael Arnold
Karlee Files, our little lighthouse
Project find a dress
Do I really HAVE to go to church?
What to do if Satan is knocking
If you want to take my old man shopping...
my wonderful tree
Mylee, namesake of Lee Pinkus
My firstborn, Jordan
Divorce. When it is ok?
Are you big boned?
Spring one day, snow the next. Literally.
Pizza Hut left a bad taste in my mouth
and lastly, Netiquette
There's no real reason any of these posts were chosen; some had a lot of comments, some still get mentioned to me here and there, and others, I just liked. Thanks for following my sometimes boring, yet always chaotic life, via my blog.


Sugar-n-Spice August 2, 2008 at 2:32:00 PM CDT  

ok, how much would about an 8x10 on a textured art board cost me for that picture of karlee? EXACTLY like that, verse and all?

it seems like so long ago, but if ANYTHING is true of our life it's that......she HAS taught us more than we ever imagined, and led the way for us.

congrats on your thousandth post...i'm gonna go click on a few more of the old ones! ;)

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