Monday, December 29, 2008

plans plans plans

Whew. The whirlwind is over. We finished our last "christmas" at my parents house yesterday. It was a good day, but I can honestly say I am glad we are done with all of it. All my Christmas decor has been packed up since 10 am on Christmas morning! Our next big thing will be J's birthday, which happens to be the same as Jack Jack's.

We haven't done normal birthday parties in years. I think they are stressful, and too expensive, so instead, we let the birthday kid pick what they want to do for the weekend, with one friend invited along for the fun. If I am going to spend too much money, I prefer that it be on fun memories, and not party favors and decorations. (No offense to anyone that goes that route, it just isn't the way we do it.) Doing it this way also makes it way easier to include dad in the plans, and that is reallllly necessary to keep daddy happy! He doesn't miss out on stuff just because he has daughters instead of sons. J has elected to have Miss M spend the night, and we are going to a movie and dinner when dad gets off work. He LOVES kid movies so we sure can't leave him out of that plan. M is spending the night, so I expect to hear several hours of giggles and running feet upstairs. That's's much less stress and chaos than a "real" party! We will have a blast, I am sure.

I can't believe I am about to be the parent of a 9 year old. Of course turning 30 is something I haven't really accepted yet either, haha.

2 comments: December 31, 2008 at 2:01:00 AM CST  

Sounds awesome,I wish I could do that with these kiddos but they wont go for it,we even offered laser tag last year but it was a no go...**sigh**

Happy Early Birthday to J!

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