Friday, March 6, 2009


This began as a facebook "tag" and it is quite the challenge. Since everyone has gotten so into it, I wanted to post here too, and ask bloggers that want to to take part as well. Let the fun begin....

Compile a random list of 100 facts about yourself. You will quickly learn that it's harder than you think!

I am a blood donor. (A positive, if you ever need any)

I talk in my sleep. A lot.

Pain medication does not make me sleep, even in massive amounts via IV, or in a pill. And, Benadryl doesn't make me, or my kids, sleepy in the least.

I will be an organ donor, assuming my cause of death allows it. I feel confident I won't need any of that stuff where I am going.

I am equally into salty foods in a way that most are with sweet stuff. However, I am lucky I’m not a comfort eater, but quite the opposite, which prevents me from having to be rolled around. Sitting home all day leaves lots of eating opportunities.

I try to maintain a healthy balance between pride for my country and respect for a president I sure did not help elect, but usually it switches on and off at the wrong times. At least I try to make myself be informed enough to have an opinion, and that's all I am saying about that one.

I don’t have food body clock in any sense. I can eat whatever at whatever time. Cereal at night time or corndogs for breakfast, doesn't matter to me.

I am fascinated with the mafia; serial killers; and true crime books. Wonder if that makes me sound really bad? I did my term papers on stuff like this; like my favorite one, on Donnie Brasco/Joe Pistone.

I did all my art projects based off Eagles songs in high school, except one. Hotel California was my favorite. The exception was done on "Stairway to Heaven." Love some LZ.

I have serious trouble writing down numbers that people read outloud to me. I mix them up.

I never have unpainted toenails.

I do a backbend every year, just to make sure I can still do them. (And I can still do back walkovers too, woohoo!)

I like to waterski.

My memory isn't too great lately...and that really bothers me. Ask Blake. I seem to forget info she's told me within minutes. This means I am now queen o' post it notes.

I am very much a nurturer but not a teacher. I do feel I am an okay coach, though, because positive reinforcement is so me.

I am an excellent speller in most cases.

Typos make me nuts. (And yes, I still make them, but it makes me wacko)

I can't have more kids. Medically impossible. But; I hate when people say, "Oh, I am sorry!" when they hear that. I am not sorry. I am blessed to have two healthy kids, and I know how to keep that in perspective. I am a firm believer in being satisfied with the hand you are dealt.

I don't use the n word, and I am very glad my kids are 7 and 9 and still, to my knowledge, don't know what it is. (because I try really hard to ask if they have heard it, without putting it into their's a pet peeve of mine)

I hate seeing the American flag being disrespected in any manner.

I am very interested in learning about other denominations, but not so that I can pick them apart and prove myself "right." I just like to learn. I do believe their is only one real Bible.

I love music. I got that gene from my dad. It's my outlet to vent my rage about his illness. I drive and listen; when most people would call someone and cry. It works for me.

Although I talk way too much, I am actually a private person, and contrary to what some may think, I tell people very little about sensitive issues that I face.

I am a terrible insomniac. It takes me a really long time to go to sleep, and I can never stay that way. If I wake up after 5, I have to get up. I just cannot lay there and stare at the ceiling when I know there's no way I will be able to fall back to sleep.

I think tattoos in moderation can be an awesome art form.

My child being #23 in softball and being named Jordan has nothing to do with Michael Jordan. It was my number, and her dad's number, when we played ball. (Although my husband does love MJ, my child is named after the river Jesus was baptized in) I got 23 from Dave Justice, RF for Atlanta Braves back in the day.

I’m terrified of heights. Well, actually that's a lie. I'm terrified of falling. I'm clumsy. I’m terrified of heights when I could be the cause of my own clumsy death. I'm terrified I will trip and fall to my doom. So balconies and stuff don't freak me out...because they have RAILS!

Among my biggest annoyances is homonyms; or more correctly so, the incorrect use of them. I don’t understand where the school system has gone that wrong! Two, too, and to- they’re different, people!

I get burnt out on people that abuse their authority very quickly. I am not easily a "follower" and am not a "yes" person in the least. I ask questions.

I am blessed with pretty high metabolism.

I have very low bloodpressure. All the time. It makes the nurse take it three times anytime I am at the dr, because none seem to believe me when I tell them it's normally that way.

I have never had a cell phone that lasted as long as the contract I signed for it. And I have never lost one.

I can't eat all of a french fry. I eat one end, and not the rest. I don't know why... But it makes Blake nuts. She likes to tell people I do that.

I have offered at least 50 people a million bucks if they could spell Rosjuane's name right. So far, I owe no one a dime.

I didn't need a bedtime when I was a kid because I went to bed voluntarily.

I love accents – southern, british, aussie, any accent is intriguing to me, but I really love Hugh Laurie's. (And if you didn't know he had one, you have never heard his real voice)

I don't have much curiosity about me when it comes to things most people care about; like if I missed getting to the phone when it's ringing; I don't have to go look at the id, because I just don't care that much. I will see it later.... When I am willing to answer it.

I don't like it when people tell me to "eat" because they think I am too small. I am not too small; and neither are my kids.

I have learned that not wearing your emotions on the outside can make people think you are emotionless. That isn't true.

The only reason I was a third baseman the entire time I played softball was because I was the only kid on the team that could throw from third to first my first year. I liked it, so I worked hard to stay there. It became quite an active spot on the field over the years.

I think several times a year that I should really call my old ball coaches and tell them how much I loved them, and how much their time spent with us meant to me. We had some great people involved with our ball program. David York rocked.

I would still drive a truck if it was more functional for me to. Just too hard to deal with kids and groceries in one.

Men with soft hands gross me out. There's just something wrong about it. Grab a shovel and get a callous or something.

It's the most offensive thing in the world to have someone imply that my kids' prematurity is my fault. Lucky thing is, no one has EVER been brave enough to say it to my face, and I feel confident they never will.

I have a massive amount of respect for missionaries in third world countries.

I have anger issues. At least I accept that.

I am a firm believer in vaccinating babies/children.

Although my kids ride my 4 wheeler with me, neither are allowed to drive. The idea of that scares me to death.

Being a Christian doesn't make me dislike gay people.

My kids have never been allowed to sleep with me.

I was part of an amazing Creative Writing class in high school. Mrs. Matheny is awesome.

I once stayed indoors for over a month; and didn't have shoes on for that entire time either. Not electively; I was in preterm labor and in UAMS for weeks.

I love Dave Chapelle, even though he is really tacky.

My oldest child is quite a sponge lately about salvation and how to attain it. I love that.

I still remember my locker combination from 7th grade. Probably because I was scared to death I wouuld forget it and have to admit that.

I was on channel 11 once, armwrestling at Arkansas State, in the amatuer class.

I got second.

I am not an armwrestler.

I miss the people at my last job very much, and am glad I stay in contact with them. They are like family.

My dog weighs well over 200 lbs, but gets confused and thinks he is a lapdog.

My other dog weighs 18 pounds, and gets confused and thinks he is much larger. I often put him in his place.

I am not a nervous person, even in hard to handle situations. I don't panic either, at least not at the time. There's always time afterwards to panic.

I average 4000+ text messages a month. I don't know how that happens...

My main bible is one that is a parallel one; that is NKJV and The Message. About 20% of the time I don't agree with the Message's version, but the rest of the time, it really helps me.

I love to go to the beach, but find the ocean very intimidating.

People that say they have three or four best friends confuse me. Hello... the word is "best."

I believe that the media had a major part in whatever is wrong with Britney Spears.

My hair was blonde when I met my husband. It never will be again!

I don't mind being short. Height is of little importance to me.

I used to play a snare drum in band.

I hate it when people spell my name wrong when I know they have seen it 400 times on my facebook page, email, etc.

I love scary movies; but more like the thriller whodunits than true horror ones.

I think Clint Eastwood movies (that he directs) are awesome.

I have a lot of headaches, but do my best to not complain about it. Migraines are a pain, but so are whiners.

I am addicted to stupid reality shows. Sad, really, but I watch them religiously. (But not the Bachelor)

I love reading and watching shows about the human mind; especially about criminal behavior and personality disorders.

I think driving a standard is kind of fun, but I wouldn't want to do it every day.

My dad used to squeal his tires on his Cobra Mustang when he dropped me off at school in junior high. Stephon Wolfe thought it was the coolest thing ever.

I have too many "trains of thought" and they often derail.

I am not the person that sits around thinking about "nothing" and never will be.

I love watermelons, but rarely find what I consider a really good one.

I smile a lot.

I have no problem with public speaking. If I mess up, I will laugh and roll on. Who cares.

I won a medal two years running at MIS for the Continental Mathmatics League. I don't know why, because math doesn't come easy to me.

I grew up in a tiny town of 800 people, but would not change it for the world.

I wonder about the babies that were in the NICU with mine, and wish I could see them to know they are all okay.

I want to be a less guarded, more forgiving person. I am better than I used to be, at least.

I believe kids need spankings, in moderation.

I won't watch the movie before I read the book, assuming there is a book.

I use coupons to buy groceries, every single week, but I buy only designer jeans.

I feel closest to God when listening to praise music.

I don't read books just because everyone else is. Like "Twilight," for example. Doesn't sound remotely interesting to me, so I won't read those.

When I see someone with a nose piercing, it makes my nose itch.

I should've gone to college. But I don't know what I would've gone for.

I am amazingly good at standardized tests, from kindergarten stuff all the way to ACT's. My kids are following in my footsteps on those.

I have never played guitar hero.

I don't own a wii, and don't really desire one.

I am addicted to reading other people's surveys and bulletins.

I am an obsessive blogger, and rarely am without a camera.

I have a really good friend that lives in Michigan that I have never met in person, yet I talk to daily and have for several years.

I really hope other people will try to come up with 100 things. They are hard to do, but fun to read!


Rosjuane March 6, 2009 at 12:44:00 PM CST  

I'm going to work on mine and do it on the blog this weekend. I can hit save on blog and walk away when I get tired.

mamatucci March 6, 2009 at 1:17:00 PM CST  

I think these really are interesting. I am addicted to reading them on facebook for sure.

elainaann March 6, 2009 at 4:22:00 PM CST  

Fun post. Might have to start working on my list.

Also - received my bump it today. :) So excited to give it a try.

Sarah March 6, 2009 at 8:03:00 PM CST  

I just did this and it took FOREVER!!

Jaime March 7, 2009 at 10:39:00 AM CST  

How fun is this to read. I might do it...would be hard tho...

Melissa March 8, 2009 at 8:19:00 PM CDT  

What a great list. I think I might give it a try too.

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