Friday, December 19, 2008


Holly's baby girl had follow up head ultrasounds today which were fine. She is still at 2 lbs 10 oz. She's up to 9ccs every three hours on her feeds. This means nothing to most moms....... because most moms are lucky enough to not have to ever know this side. But at her gestational age, she is quite a miracle, to be doing so well, so fast.

I can remember being soooo happy to get rid of the TPN (IV Nutrients), and no longer having a PCVC (long term IV thread) in my kids' feet. I can remember dreading vaccinations because my kids had no leg fat. I remember hating seeing my babies gag when they changed the ng tubes..... and og tubes.... and ventilator tubes. It is truly heartbreaking to see your child in this shape, and I hope people will continue to pray for Jason, Holly, and Reagan. Holly has been lucky enough to get to hold her a lot more than we could handle our girls, so that part is great. She is enjoying a lot of skin to skin time, too. (An hour at a time!) We only got to have our kids out of the isolettes for 15 mins a DAY! I know Christmas will be hard on them all, so remember how blessed you are to have your children home where they belong..... because some people don't.

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My girl was in NICU but not near the length of time that these beautiful preemies typically are.Nowhere near it.She was born with pneumonia w/RSV/aspiration of meconium.She had a feeding tube and nasal canula after she got off of the "bubble".

Still thinking about little Reagan and her family...

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