Monday, January 14, 2008

The Weekend

This picture is of Jagger, at one day old. His baby brother is using that blanket now! He started spending time with me at my house when he was two weeks old. I have to admit, I never put him down. I miss the baby stage at times, and enjoy getting my baby bonding via Dana's babies! With his bassinet in my room, it seemed so weird to hear the little baby noises again, after it had been so long since I had a baby rolled up to my side in their little portable crib. It was very soon after those days that he started snoozing all night, and then I became that restless mom that checks on thier baby ten times, to make sure he was ok, because he was just too quiet! I eventually had to get him a pack and play for my house, when he outgrew the bassinet. He is the wildest sleeper I have ever seen. He will toss and turn and flip every direction before morning, but never wakes up. So once again, I am up a lot, making sure he is covered and warm. But I don't mind it. I guess part of me misses it, but I have to admit I like the stage we are at now; without my kids needing naps or diapers, and with them having the ability to wash their own hair and get dressed.

So as I said, I live out my baby need through Dana, and boy does she cover those bases well, with two sons a mere 13 months apart!!

Jagger and Jackson will be spending thier first evening with me this weekend, while their parents go out. Dana's "mail carrier" co worker, Dan, gave her a gift certificate to Laynes, and she is raring to go spend it! (Jeremy, I will have to give you a heads up to look for her, you won't believe she just had a baby two weeks ago, as of this Friday!)

So until I get a vehicle with a third row, IF I ever do that again, I am homebound when I have the boys, because I have nowhere to put them all, haha!

When my kids were little, or actually, I should say, until very recently, we pretty much never had a weekend without our kids. We just didn't like to leave them, and Michael didn't feel like he "got to see them" if we got a sitter, aka GRANDPARENTS. My mom was great to keep them for a few hours so we could eat and see a movie, but they never never ever spent the night away. Their daddy was just hardcore against it, and it didn't matter enough to me to fight it, so at home with us is where they always were. WONDERFUL APPRECIATED LOVING GREAT Mom volunteered a couple months ago to keep my kids every other Friday night for me!!! No questions asked, I just get to assume they are going to my parents. And boy is it NICE. We usually got eat a Laynes or The Barbeque shop, and rent a movie or something. For the first couple weekends, it was soooo weird. Everywhere we went, people said, WHERE are the girls? I am so used to having kids in tow, it's odd to me too!

My mom is convinced they will soon think they are "too old" to want to stay, so she wants them to stay with them quite a bit. This is GOOOOOD for ME. I don't regret never leaving them when they were babies; I am glad we have spent all those weekends together, but I am also glad to get some time with Michael, having adult conversations, without having to cut up someone's meat for them:) Jordan was 9 months old before I spent even five minutes away from her, and that was by leaving her at my mom's when we went to a movie. She never spent the night not one time until I was in the hospital having her sister, and that was when she was 19 months. Even after that, we never "got used" to leaving her, and very rarely did. I think I had seperation anxiety. Karsyn stayed at my mother in laws house when she was 8 months, overnight. Wow. What a big deal for me.
Now, at 6 1/2 and 8, they don't even want to get on the phone and tell me goodnight when they are at their grandparents.....I have lost my status!


K.T. is Mommatude January 14, 2008 at 10:42:00 PM CST  

That is exactly why we have a minivan-we got one when we first got married and then had two family cars before we went back to a minivan-I couldnt stand never being able to go anywhere with anyone else!!!

I had no doubt that Dana would be back to her tiny-ness...LOL.I wish I knew the secret to doing that ;)

Brandy January 15, 2008 at 8:38:00 AM CST  

at this rate...i'm thinking of getting a 12 passenger! way cool, huh? not. but it is simply what we need.

love those babies! i really enjoy evenings when "mimi" has the kids. they're rare, and i miss the kids by the time they get back home, but i need those times to gain perspective and be refreshed. i'm always much more patient and mindful to enjoy them when they return.

Rosjuane January 15, 2008 at 9:47:00 AM CST  

Man I love my kiddos, but I'm sure thankful that my mom wants mine like all the time!!

Laken January 15, 2008 at 9:53:00 AM CST  

When Oakley stays away from home, which is not often, I call and check on her thirty times! I feel I need a break so much and then I am missing her after five minutes!

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