Friday, February 23, 2007


I have been an Americal Idol junkie since season two. I very rarely missed any episodes in the beginning stages, and I never missed ANY once they got far enough along to have favorites.
This season has very few "over the top" wonderful singers in my opinion. Some are run of the mill high-shcool-madrigal-churchchoir-karoke standard singers, all the while "good" but not "wonderful."
I like the Jack Osbourne (Chris) look alike, although I don't think he's too marketable. But hey, that's strictly opinion. America loves beautiful people and he just doesn't make the cut in that department. I also like Lakisha Jones. She has got the best voice, hands down.
So.....if AI gets down to those two in the final show, I think the viewers nailed it. Otherwise..........this season ain't so great.
Normally there are "three or four" at least, in this stage that have it cornered and have everyone wondering who it will be. I don't even like THREE of them.
Lakisha has my vote. (if I actually voted, which I don't, haha)
I do like the beatbox guy, too, but hey, it isn't a high school talent show so I figure he will go far based on teenage girls voting for him, but once they get tired of the speeddial I bet he's gone too.


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