Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Great dads

I feel sorry for people that don't have dads. I think women that say "I don't need a man to raise my kid" are the most selfish and ignorant people on the planet.
I don't believe it takes blood to make a dad. I think it takes unconditional love, and if you find that in a stepdad, uncle, or grandpa, more power to you, but I think whatever the case, strong positive male role models are very much an important impact on a child's upbringing.
I have the best dad ever. Hands down. I made horrible decisions as a teenager, and he never bailed out on me. It took years to see what all I had put that man through, and now, as an adult, I REALLY see the meaning of unconditional love. I have lived it, 100%. I can remember thinking, WHY do I have to have parents at EVERY softball game??? Why can't I have the freedom some of the other girls have that get to run around at the complex?? Now, I see why........cause there's no way I am missing a game either. Hindsight is soooo 20/20. NOW I appreciate their presence. Now I appreciate that I had a curfew. At least someone cared if I came home. I had friends that would have given ANYTHING for that "luxury" and as adults, we discuss that amongst each other. I actually had friends that were envious of my rules and regulations, my early curfew, and my hands-on parents. Wow. Who woulda thunk it at the time.... I thought I had it soooo bad.
I was soooo wrong.
I hope I am half as good at parenting as my parents were. Sure I made mistakes, but it wasn't due to lack of parenting.
In 1998 I met the love of my life. In 2000, we had our first baby girl. If you want to REALLY know a man, put his three pound baby girl in his hands and watch her transform tha big ol 220 lb lug into a softie that will soon be singing barney songs and wiping up spit up. I am a very blessed person, for I have had two great dad's in my life. My own, and my husband.
There's a lady at church that says Michael has the patience of Job. Thank goodness for him, because I am a bit high strung. He balances out the household.
In my previous posts I have mentioned that I have had two sick kiddos. What initiated this post was because on the first night Jordan was sick, I was not even aware of it for half the night because he was up tending to her, cleaning up puke and changing sheets. GO DAD! I look at him sometimes and think, lucky am I?? He's never once backed away from a dirty diaper, a fever, or a skinned knee. He's never turned down a little girl begging to go hunting, even on the last day of deer season. He's been an involved parent from day one, and I know he always will be. I cannot imagine him not being in our lives every single day, through every little milestone.
When I began scrapbooking, I did "me and daddy" pages for each of my kids. I had friends over that were doing the same thing. I had friends that had only one or two pics of their kids with their dad.
I hope that isn't a reflection of how involved they are... I know my pics ARE a reflection of just that. I bet I had 500 of them.
Life's not perfect at my house, or should I say trailer. But my little mobile home is bursting at the seams with love so I am JUST FINE.
I don't know how I got to be so blessed, but I certainly am.


K.T. February 21, 2007 at 8:05:00 AM CST  

Yes,heres to our wonderful husbands!!My hubby will do all the same.I didnt really have a dad like that-and I am glad that I found a man like that,for my kids to call Daddy-even Kendall.
If you are like me there are millions of pics of him and the kids but almost none of you and the kids-LOL,but that is not reflection of my relationship with the kids- just means I am always behind the camera.LOL!!!Great Photos and Great sentimental post!!!Momma tude

Sarah February 21, 2007 at 10:24:00 AM CST  

Wow, you almost made me cry! Great post...

akelley February 21, 2007 at 5:01:00 PM CST  

You need to write a book!! Yea....its amazing how as kids and teenagers you dont want them around and then as you get older you realize why they wanted to be around so much!!! That was a great post!!!! You need to publish that in the paper or something around fathers day!!!

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