Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WHEW! Is it the weekend yet?

Both kids have been sick, and I am wondering if it's ever going to end! Random bouts of vomiting, blech! But anyway, we are back on course I hope, and J has a music program at school tonight.  Unlike a lot of parents I actually like these programs :) They are NOT K's thing, but J sucks up the spotlight so it's actually pretty fun.
Daddy is doing pretty well, and Drew Memorial Home Health has done a great job on his home care. We go back at the end of this month to the VA & hopefully he will continue to make progress.
Softball season is going well, with our team only losing one for the season.  We had 4 players out that night and it showed! Regardless it's been fun and the weather has been great so we cannot complain. I have a photo session tomorrow with a gorgeous little 2 year old boy with a headfull of curls and I can't wait to get my camera after him. I love babies and their sporadic actions make my job fun. I will post some tomorrow if his mom allows :)


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