Monday, December 14, 2009


I think most people that follow my blog, or my facebook, know that I was a team captain for "Fight like a Girl" which was part of race for the cure 2009. I formed this team to support my good friend Kristina's battle against breast cancer. This team was mostly compiled of old high school friends of hers. She also had a second time, "Girl Power" that had a lot of local Walmart employees join in her name. All in all, the two teams raised over three grand. Wow. I was so proud of all these ladies I can't put it into words.
race for cure 09 011

race for cure 09 013
Due to the fact that Kristina became seriously ill and was hospitalized with pnuemonia the week of the race, her daughters walked with me. Although this is an experience I am very proud to be able to say I was a part of, it was very very bittersweet to be the one holding her 4 year old's hand when I wanted so badly for her to be there herself. I also "escorted" 13 year old Lauren, her oldest.
race for cure 09 023
We had a blast. I am sure most are thinking...hmm.. this is old news. This was in October. Well, for the top fundraisers, they send out prizes. I got mine today, and just had to share. I was able, with the help of awesome friends, to raise over 1800 on my personal page. Because of that, I got some good prizes :)
race for cure 09 049
This is a picture of the bride depicted in my art print I got as one of my prizes. I added that for my non Arkansas readers, haha!
race 002

race 003

race 005
I also got Because I care cooler and a tshirt, plus a chickfilet family pack. All in all, some pretty cool stuff!
race 006


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