Monday, August 24, 2009


Kristina Thomas ~Survivor shirt ~
Mandy Rochelle
Mandy Morphis
Ashley Hawkins
Brittany Adcock
Stephanie Norris
Tammy Busch
Azurdee Andrade
Lisa Burks
Ashlee Scott
Holly Rosegrant
Lindsay Hillyard
Andi Oltmann
Jennifer Forrest
Leslie Cook
Tiffany Barnard -PAID
Leonda Holtoff
Shae Kulbeth
Autumn White
Jenny Sipes
Lauren Weaver
Rosjuane Stevens - PAID
Shelley Smith - PAID
Maury Draper
Kristie Foster
Shea Long
Alissa Hornaday
Ava Thomas
Jamie Clark
Jeanne Hipp
Misti Atkins
Jade Barnes
Tonya Lane
Debra West
Andrea Weaver
Laura Bullington
Leanne Burch
Sandra Ward
Christy Hines
Beth McNeese
Blake Burns
KT Morphis
Lisa Freeman
Dana Aiken
Laura Ripley
Jennifer Stark
Misti Atkins - PAID
If you ordered child shirts, I am sure I have that on the list as long as you see your name on here. There are a few that I still need to know your sizes, and if you told me already, forgive me for deleting your text/email/fb message & please tell me again. (Shea, Alissa, Maury, Laura R and Laura B, I know I need all your sizes)
Shirts are $10
Shipping is $6 if you will need to have it shipped to you.
ALL ORDERS MUST BE PREPAID TO ME BY NEXT MONDAY IN ORDER TO GET A SHIRT. We will only be printing one batch. (Due to minimum order requirements)
There are several ways you can pay:
Take money by to my husband, Mike Smith at Ryburns
Mail it to me, (you will have to email me for my address, or use that email address to pay via paypal. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS IF I WILL BE MAILING IT TO YOU.
I have 50 shirts to get paid for, so this is why I have to get your payment up front; I hope everyone understands!
Shea, Alissa, Maury, Laura B,


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