Monday, July 27, 2009


Blake and I went to Little Rock yesterday awaiting the birth of Miss Addison Hoover. Addie is the third child for Angela, and the first that she and her husband have together. Ang was hoping this delivery was going to be smooth... but being that this pregnancy hasn't been a walk in the park, we should've known better! (Yes, Blake and I are taking pics in the mirror in the ceiling of the elevator in the above pic!)

addison 001 copy
Angela is a controller for Competitive Cyclist. She is also a very very talented scrapbooker, so I wanted to have a lot of little detail shots for her to use on Addie's book.
addison 002 copy
Addie didn't respond well to the pitocin, and it made her heart rate drop a bit. Nothing too terrible, but regardless, it made the dr's half the dose. (Actually Oxytocin, but whatever, ya knew what I meant, haha)
addison 003 copy
addison 007 copy
She got her epidural after three days in labor. Eventually, it made her sick.... But it did help her a lot.
addison 008 copy
Her sister, and best friend, Tiffany, was there for the long haul. (And so was a lot of other family, but Tiff and Jon are the only ones that my blog readers know :)
addison 009 copy
And here's the proud Papa. He was making Angela jealous of his coffee....
addison 011 copy
Angela is on the phone with her son.... He is concerned about whether or not he is winning a phone on EBAY, lol!
addison 014 copy
we all spent a lot of time on facebook, updating friends. Thank goodness for iphones! They broke her water about 2 pm, and she didn't arrive till 2 AM!
addison 026 copy
The man she LOOOOOVED to see.... the anesthesia guy.
addison 025 copy
right after this Blake and I left for Monticello. We had waited since 3, to no avail, so we decided to let the mom to be get some rest. Unfortunately; she didn't rest, she got very very sick.
FINALLY, Addison Annette Hoover arrived, 6 lbs 4 oz
CONGRATS to Jay & Angela Hoover; and to the big brother and sister; Olivia and Josh McCallister


Sarah July 28, 2009 at 12:19:00 AM CDT  

What an exciting day! Can't wait to see more newborn shots from you!

Jennifer July 31, 2009 at 8:59:00 PM CDT  

Precious! And she looks great to be in labor!

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