Saturday, March 28, 2009

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For those that took part in my Spring photo special, here's a reminder that tomorrow is the last day to order and recieve the discounted pricing. After that, normal pricing will be in place.

For those that have called, texted, and emailed regarding how Jill and her family are doing, the answer is, remarkably well. I spoke to her yesterday, and they are finding strength through Him and each other, and are holding each other together as best they can. I do still ask that you pray for them, with a little extra special focus on Allie, since she is only three, and losing her Papa is probably very confusing. If you have hesitated in contacting Jill, I can assure you it is fine, and she is okay to speak to you if you would like to pass along your sympathies, or even better, if you would like to share a positive story or memory of Mr. Gene. With his involvement with the school, and law enforcement, I am sure there are lots of tales to tell! They are planning a celebration of his life on April the fourth, rather than having a funeral. I will pass along the details on that soon.

Softball is getting into full swing, and you can check my previous post if you would like to print your own copy of the game schedule. Our team is coming together pretty well. I am proud of our new ones that are moving up from tball for giving it their all. I love to see them be proud of themselves when they finally "get it."

I will be available for in-game photos of players again this year. Please contact me if you are interested. I am also going to do individual photos again, and you can contact me for that as well. BECAUSE I DID NOT CHOOSE TO PLACE A BID ON TAKING THE TEAM PORTRAITS, I WILL NOT BE DOING ANY TEAM GROUP PICS, at least not in a formal fashion. I think it is disrespectful to whatever photographer secured the bid, and I hope everyone understands that. I was asked to put in a bid, but I honestly wasn't sure that I would have time to take them, edit them, organize them, order them, and get them to everyone in the middle of a busy time for me; due to my own child playing, and also due to being a wedding photographer.

An update on my dad: He is still doing well, but has been experiencing fever for several days, and a lack of energy. Please keep him in your prayers.

We will have a Live Crucifixion at Immanuel Baptist on Easter weekend. I have posted the flier once already, and will again closer to that date. The Uth have worked hard, and the entire church family at IBC would appreciate your attendance.

Baby Stellan is still not doing well at all. His mom is getting frazzled, as anyone would. Please keep praying hard that his heart rate will level out, and that the way that it is enlarged will be healed.

Please continue to check out our reviews at SIMPLE!


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