Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Tonight, I took some snapshots for Autumn and David, with their sweet little one, Lily. Mom was wanting some for their Christmas cards, and didn't have any pictures she was happy with for this purpose, so I told her I would do what I could with my living room. I think they are too cute!
Miss Lily loved J and Mike. I think she gave Mike some baby fever. He is such a baby person, it didn't surprise me at all that she ran to him and jumped into his arms as soon as he came in. She knows a baby lover when she sees one, I guess.
LILYLYNN 015 copy
She was quite animated, and hard to keep up with. Although I would not classify them as "professional" I still think they are too stinkin' cute.
LILYLYNN 007 copy2
I think we got some cute captures of this gorgeous family, and I hope her cards turn out great! I always appreciate my clients that continue to give me repeat business, and am very thankful for those that stick with me!

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