Wednesday, November 5, 2008

no flu!

My kids and I took advantage of this last year, and although my kids hated it, I am glad we did it. The year before J spent a few days in the hospital with the flu (because she had gotten so dehydrated) and I don't plan to do it again if I can avoid it!
Anytime my kids are sick, they run +104 temps. They always have. Dr. Reinhart says this is a good thing, and that they have great immune systems that are ridding their body of infection. (Actually K has had febrile seizures twice....but she is past the age that those are typical) So anyway, I hate dealing with sick kiddos. My kids are rarely sick, but when they are, it seems they are reallllly sick.
You cannot catch the flu from the vaccination. The vaccination uses a dead virus and cannot cause you to get the flu. The vaccine usually becomes effective two weeks after being administered; therefore, the best time to be vaccinated is mid-October and November. However, it can still be beneficial to get the vaccine even later as typical flu season runs from mid-December through March.

1 comments: November 6, 2008 at 12:52:00 AM CST  

I have to say I am a little more nervous about the flu this particular year.Having three older children in school and then having this baby during the midst of flu season is a bit scary.I know I will be sending hubby and kiddos to get the flu shot,not sure whether I will be able to get it yet but it is something I will be checking on today.I have talked to a few other women with a blood clot and their docs told them the flu shot was a bit risky specifically for them.Dunno yet though.

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