Saturday, October 25, 2008

No liquor in Wilmar

Being that my aunt and uncle cannot get a Arkansas Democrat Gazette delivered to their home in Wilmar anymore due to the paper guy NOT BEING SAFE at the paper drop off point, does anyone really think their needs to be a liquor store there? The delivery guy was robbed, more than once, at the place that one of the future liquor stores may be. (And, might I add, this establishment itself has been robbed many, many times, hence the bars on the windows)
I kind of prefer that my family that lives less than a half mile from there NOT need bars on their windows.
(And keep in mind, this place that has been robbed, and this person that has been robbed, has had it occur directly on the MAIN HIGHWAY, in the dead middle of Wilmar)
I am sure plenty of people think it would be really convenient to make a beer run to Wilmar, but I for one think it will bring nothing but more crime to that area.


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