Monday, August 11, 2008

Decor for Jordan

Most everyone that reads my blog knows that we are in the middle of selling our house; so we are also in the middle of buying another one. We should hear today (I hope) that the sale of ours has closed. If that works out, we will then start the process of a loan approval for us, on a house we have looked at several times in the last couple of weeks. (It is not the one on Allen Drive)

When we started on all this, I contacted the very talented Mandy Morphis about creating some custom canvas pieces for my kids' rooms to compliment any framed prints I buy. I had just told Blake that I wanted some funky black high heels themed stuff for Jordan's room, when we saw one at Keepsakes! I do a lot of business with Michelle, the owner, and am so glad to have found what I want at her store. She doesn't have all these in the store front, but her site links the places she gets her prints from, so I was able to get on there and access all these.

If you know my child, you know this stuff is totally her thing. I haven't shown her yet, since absolutely nothing is final, but assuming we move, this is definitely her new theme.


I still have no idea what to do with Karsyn's room.... I will deal with that one later, when things come together more on financing and etc.
Still keeping my fingers crossed that all this will pan out today, with the buyers' loan. The people working on buying mine are also dealing with a tragedy in their family; the wife's sister was killed in a car accident last week. I can't imagine dealing with the death of a sibling, much less having to do so while trying to move to another town and aquire a loan. Please keep the Davis & Burnett families in your prayers. Unrelated, pray for KT as well as she is having problems with her pregnancy.


Blake August 11, 2008 at 9:53:00 AM CDT  

I absolutely LOVE the new theme for Jordan's room...I am so glad we found these at Keepsakes!

On a different note, the other families will be in our prayers...

Sarah August 11, 2008 at 9:59:00 AM CDT  

Great decorations. Abigail would love something like that too.

Good luck on all the house stuff. I know it's been a big point of stress for you all lately.

Mandy August 11, 2008 at 12:26:00 PM CDT  

Oh wow... those are GREAT prints, Shelley! I'm sure Jordan will flip out over them... I'd like those in my room but I'm fairly certain Clayton would kindly tell me NO WAY. lol

I'm so worried about KT.. no one seems to know exactly what the problem is (ppl I've talked to) but I'm definitely praying for her general health and health of the baby. I cannot imagine how scared they must be!

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