Monday, July 14, 2008

one more time

I wanted to ask, if anyone knows of any land for sale in Wilmar, or between Monticello and Wilmar, as we are making the final decision pretty soon on whether or not we will be building a house.

If I can't find any land that direction, it is looking pretty likely that we will be building on Hwy 35, in the vicinity of Rock Springs. I like that area, and the close proximity to the Lake and the ability to ride 4 wheelers and etc, but I don't like the 12 mile drive to town. (Plus a little more, when you consider having to drive to two schools to get the girls) I would prefer to be in Wilmar, closer to my parents and his (Warren), where I can be minutes from my mom and dad. My kids love to go there to play, and it would be the best thing, as far as I am concerned. My parents are also my only babysitters that I can count on, and I would like that convenience too, to be able to leave them there when I am running quick errands in Monticello. Most people think Wilmar is a long way, but it isn't. I could get home in 7-8 minutes, if I started timing it at Rays, without speeding.

At the Rock Springs land, we would have about 20 acres, which is a great amount of land, (family land) and I would love to have that much, but if we have to buy from someone else, I would say that we want at least 8-10 acres, but I am not sure what the max would be. I am sure Michael would want as much as we could possibly afford, but we would have to take building costs and land preparation into consideration as well.

So, I promise I won't ask again, but if anyone knows of any land in the vicinity of Wilmar (on the Monticello side all the way to Wilmar) please email me at or comment here how you would like to be contacted. I really want to build somewhere that we will be forever. I hate moving!! I can see myself being happy in the little town I grew up in :)


Blake July 14, 2008 at 2:12:00 PM CDT  

It would be so nice if you could find land in Wilmar. I know you would love to be that close to your parents again and it would make it so much better for when you need to run errands for them (or for

Hope you find something soon...

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