Saturday, July 19, 2008

I want everyone that read this

that homeschools, to tell me, why you homeschool.

It is NOT going to be an attack forum on those that do or don't, I would just like to hear why you do what you do.

I know, for instance, that I was surprised that it was more of a financial thing (in the beginning) for the Files family, than necessarily a educational preference. I had always assumed they just wanted to.

So why do you?

Are there any regrets in doing so? What's your favorite curriculum plan? Do you do group stuff with other homeschoolers? I know Dot used to try to, with Waldo, but also remember her disappointment in it, because some did not take it as seriously as she did. Her ways of educating her son amaze me. She is truly an excellent teacher. My kids LOVE to go to Waldo's just to see what Mrs. Dot can teach them. I think of of the main things that impresses me about her child, is the amount of discipline and responsibility that he has. (And no, she doesn't treat him like a slave.) He takes over my kids every time we visit, and I don't worry about them a bit; he is like a little adult; knowing his limits and what to do. She says a lot of that is from her South African raising. (She can tell you stories about her and Wilhelm for hours, they have lived ALL over) She told Michael and I once, when we were over there grilling out, that Americans are so rude! It was hilarious. She says Americans hurry. They don't walk outside to wave to their guests as they leave. Little things, that in her opinion, are tacky. She is right!

But anyway, I would like to hear the pluses and minuses to homeschooling. It is not something I am interested in doing, but do keep an open mind about using materials to reinforce subjects at home. My kids are always wanting to learn more, and love hands on stuff.

I am just being meddlesome.


Anonymous,  July 19, 2008 at 5:55:00 PM CDT  

I lack the discipline to ever HS, but also would like to hear more. I think my kids really need the break from one another (in their own classrooms) in order to focus. They battle for my attention so badly, I can't imagine trying to tame them into listening to me teach three grade levels. Of course, my house should not be so chaotic, but it is!!!

Anonymous,  July 19, 2008 at 7:06:00 PM CDT  

Not a homeschooler yet-but will be soon enough...

I plan on homeschooling Kendall eventually,I had planned on homeschooling the other two as well,but they were SO against it.
I know that alot of people say that homeschooled kids arent socializing as much as public schooled kids.I know different.In fact,I think every homeschooled child I know is WAY more social than my public schooled kiddos.
I,actually believe the opposite of the anonymous commenter,my kids need that one on one time-not because they specifically need that time with me per se,but just that individual academic attention.I also love that homeschooled children can move at their own pace.If they are behind,they dont get the label of being slowe etc and so on.

Anonymous,  July 19, 2008 at 7:13:00 PM CDT  

I don't see how you can possibly be socialized more by never leaving home like a normal kid.

You need time to be around bullies, disabled kids, be forced to stand on that stage you are afraid of, and to be embarrased, as hard as it may be. They are life lessons.

gorethoughts July 19, 2008 at 9:36:00 PM CDT  

I was not homeschooled and I received a quality education and have great memories...especially senior high school and sports.

My husband and I chose not to homeschool our children, though we did consider it.

I think parents should decide what works best for their own family.

My son just graduated from high school and is going to college. I have no regrets sending him to a public school. He can talk to people of any age, and is extremely friendly to everyone. I get compliments on his character a lot. He played football and learned so much from that experience, being a captain of the team.

Good luck and God Bless all in your decisions.

Maury July 20, 2008 at 11:49:00 PM CDT  

My reason to begin homeschooling was because it does fit our lifestyle well. Our job is mainly on the weekends, and we didn't want the kids to be in school all week long, and then us work when they were off. Also, Noah has a peanut allergy, and also asthma and he stayed sick the entire year he was in preschool, so I wanted to try keeping him out his kindergarden year to see if it improved his health, and it did greatly.

I have been tempted to put them in school several times, but only b/c I lack confidence.

When my kids were in preschool, they were so grouchy after school, they fought like crazy. They don't do that now. For the most part, they get along really well. And they don't fight for my attention, b/c they are all able to get plenty of it.

I have LOVED watching my kids learn. I feel like I know so much more about my kids feelings, and thoughts. I also see areas that I feel like they would have really struggled had they been in a classroom of over 20, but we just slowed down, no pressure, and they were able to move past that stage without stress. I am learning so much myself as we go along. I may not do it forever, and I can certainly see how it is not for everyone. But, I do think,that for us, it has made us a stronger family, and for that, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Oh, and anonymous #2, you are absolutely correct. You cannot be socialized if you never leave the house like a normal kid. But, I don't know too much people that could stand to NEVER leave their house. We leave our house all the time. We are in activities, we go all kinds of places, and my kids play with other kids that are homeschool, or go to public school everyday from our friends, church, and neighborhood, and the community pool. It is a good thing we do that, b/c I would hate for my kids to not be "normal".

Debbi July 21, 2008 at 7:48:00 AM CDT  

So I've been thinking about this post all weekend. I don't homeschool - my kids are 4 and 1, but I've thought about it a lot - and some people have told me that I homeschool becuase I've decided to not send my little 4 year old to preschool. (Never knew that preschool for 2,3 and 4 year olds was such a big deal - but yes, this all came out when I wouldn't send my kids as 2 year olds to school!)

Anyway, some benefits I see from what I've seen:
1. My kid gets lots of one on one time when we sit down to learn each day. We work on things he is intersted right now since he is so young, so it's flexable and fun
2. Some have argued with me that he won't learn to listen to other people give him directions - but we go to church and he has taken other sport classes, he does well in those situations and listens well to others
3. I like being in charge of what they are exposed to at such an young age. Of couse, I can't protect them forever, but I'm talking their ages right now. There are things I don't want them exposed to yet.
4. There is a really nice family that have homeschooled their teenage children that go to my church, they fit in very well with the youth group and get lots of social time during the week. These children are exceptionally smart and their mom pulled them from the public school they were in because they weren't being challenged. Unless they tell you they are homeschooled you would never guess, they are very mature, respeactable, smart teenagers and I think that is refreshing.
5. Me, personally don't think I could do this through all of school but I love doing preschool type things with my kids and having them at home with me during these years. But because of the public school class sizes, and one on one time, I really do think I might lean towards a private school eventually.

I don't think people make bad choices either way, I think that you do what is best for your family.

Debbi July 21, 2008 at 7:49:00 AM CDT  

sorry for all the typo's, I just looked back at it.

Debbi July 21, 2008 at 7:58:00 AM CDT  

sorry to leave a 3rd comment, but I just remembed another thing I wanted to say. Have you seen that commercial on tv about how bad American's schools are and how all these other countries are bypassing us? I haven't visited the website but one of the major things wrong with schools I think is the lack of families doing their jobs. My mom helped us all with our homework when we got home, I don't as many parents do that anymore. I don't think all teachers are to blame. I have a sister who is a teacher and she is a GREAT teacher but she gets paid nothing for it. She goes to work before 6am and comes home after 7pm each night. She has way too many kids in her class. She also has to spend almost half her time teaching things to the kids that should be taught at home - like character education. I think teaching character is great, but shouldn't parents be doing that job, so teachers can teach math, science, reading?

Just a thought - sorry for all the comments, I guess I had a lot more to say.

Sugar-n-Spice July 22, 2008 at 11:05:00 PM CDT  

i know i'm a little late in the game, and quite honestly, i could be here all night trying to explain exactly how i feel about homeschooling. i suppose the biggest reason i have for home schooling my girls is just that it works well for us, and fits our family. my oldest children have each been in the public school, and have home schooled. they really enjoyed their recent year in public school, but have asked to return to homeschooling this fall. after lots of discussion, we have decided to bring them back home.

there are lots of reasons that i love having them at home, the biggest one being a very selfish one. i just enjoy them. i enjoy being with them. and for me, when they are in school all day, by the time they get home they just don't get the best of me and i don't get the best of them. at that point, we're just trying to get homework done, supper done, and any real investment in their lives just doesn't seem to happen. i'm not saying it can't, and that other families can't make it work, but for us, it just doesn't happen. i, like maury, have just thoroughly enjoyed getting to watch them learn, and it can be compared to your child being with a sitter when they take their first step. i love being the one who gets to see them conquer those milestones.

another huge blessing with homeschooling is the freedom. if they are tired, they sleep late. if grandpa wants to take them fishing, they go. if there's a meteor shower, there is no reason to not stay up all night to see it. grandma's making sourdough bread? go help her.

and i can't explain it, but maury is right. i've noticed it in lots of families. and PLEASE, i am NOT saying my kids never fight. or that there aren't siblings who are close who attend public school. but i am saying that something about being at home brings them closer, they fight much less, and their friendship is much deeper as home schoolers than when they were in school. that may very well have more to do with the stress of running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to make all the ends meet than the method of schooling. but for whatever reason, it really does seem to build their relationship.

like i said, i could be here all night telling you why i love it so much. but let me just say that i DO NOT homeschool out of fear or protection. nor do i believe that our home should be so inwardly focused that we forget our purpose - it's hard to love others, and pour into the lives of others (specifically, the lost) if you home school and are not intentional about reaching out.

oh, and one more thing. socialization, or lack there of, has very little to do with home schooling (at least that's my observation). i definitely know home schoolers who don't do well in social settings, but that has much more to do with parenting than method of school. lots of public schooled kids can only socialize with peers their age. in fact, many, many kids (again, not all, and i still think it's a reflection of parenting, and not how they are educated) do not make eye contact when speaking, and struggle to sit through 1 meal and have a meaningful conversation with an adult.

there are pros and cons to each method, and i think either way can work very well if balanced out right.

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