Sunday, January 28, 2007

Slowly but steadily improving........

Although this seems to be the slowest recovery in my life, I am getting somewhat stronger, finally.
I swear it was easier to get over childbirth than it is to shake off low blood pressure!
I had a rather uneventful weekend of lying around.......and it's getting old! Friday night I went to bed EXTREMELY early, hoping to wake up refreshed and rarin' to go on Saturday. Not quite the outcome I got, but we did have Harley and Lee over for a deer chili supper, so at least I had a slight change of scenery! I wasn't a very good hostess, being that I laid on the couch the whole time, but my kids really enjoyed having Lee all to themselves to battle at the video games.
Once again, THANKS VERY MUCH for all the prayers, cards, flowers, visits, etc etc! Everyone has been great, and I really appreciate it.
God Bless!


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