Friday, April 30, 2010

~ catch up ~

Sunday we went to the Mud Races and had a really good time, except for the fact that I got sick as a dog halfway through. Ben grilled and the weather was great. There were two major roll overs, and I got pics of the first one, which is "Back In Black." (Jack nor his rider were injured, and to those that don't attend the races, they have on 5 point harnesses & helmets.) I think that sealed the deal that I won't be a rider every again! They all roll sometimes; it's just the nature of the beast, but these flips were rough.
Karsyn finished up her gymnastics season with Ms Mary.  She has really enjoyed going to Kim's Dance Factory. She is CLUMSY as can be, but loves it, so whatever.
As usual I have spent a lot of time with Dana and the boys. We are really ready for summer time and 4 wheelers and swimming.  Jagger also got a mohawk recently that I haven't shared. It fits his personality perfectly.
Dirty faces and shirts and signs of happy kids, incase you didn't know. Dana really does put them to bed clean, I swear.  (I'm sure Brandy Files didn't notice the dirt at all, did ya Brandy?)
Ben got a visit from his oldest child yesterday, and I got the opportunity to take a few pics of his sweet grandbaby. He is so proud of her :)
I'm supposed to play in a softball tourney tomorrow for Charity water, but I am not sure the rain is going to let that happen... We'll see.. Happy weekend!


Sugar-n-Spice April 30, 2010 at 4:13:00 PM CDT  


what dirt?

might have to keep those handsome boys in mind for a couple of my girls.....

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