Sunday, March 7, 2010

Party Planning in Monticello!

The above photo is an "inspiration board" that Tiffany created. The point of one of these is simple; Do you want to be the mom that has the best birthday parties, or throws the best showers, but hasn't got one creative bone in your body; or you aren't good at "googling?" (Or how about this, are you the person that IS creative, but simply doesn't have the time to brainstorm 50 ways to decorate in your child's favorite theme?) Inspiration boards may be for you then! For an extremely minimal fee, Tiffany will show you the way to have a great party without investing every extra minute in your day preparing for it. Tiffany has always had an interest in party planning along with her custom themed cakes, but has just recently begun to "push" this a bit. Although I can't answer questions on specifics of what it may cost if you were to prefer that she create invitations and etc, I CAN show you how to contact her and ask :) Go here & you can find her contact info.
I thought this was a good time to share an example of her "work," which also happens to be her son's party.  Matthew wanted a Mario party, and that is exactly what he got!
Here are the little marios, complete with moustaches :)
His invitation
Cake by Tiffany Barnard (if you save or repost PLEASE be respectful and give her credit)
star dishes containing the  ice cream goodies
bottle cap necklaces in the Mario theme for the kids, with princess ones for the little ladies
faux wii remotes full of candy were part of the party favors

custom lollipps with thank you stickers from Matt
"thanks for playing" treat bags that they filled with candy; and the large box was the Mario Bingo prize
Mario gold coins were the markers in bingo
And here is our other bingo winner, with his Mario water bottle prize.  Please give Tiffany a call for your next party! You won't be disappointed. These kids sure weren't~


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