Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rachel & Vance

I thought this was an appropriate way to start this post, since he is in over 50% of the photos... This is Max; nephew of the bride. Max, as you can see, is incapable of not smiling. He grinned for four hours straight. And laughed. And hung out with Rosjuane and I. We loved us some Max. He has just "cut in" during the bride and groom's first dance in the above photo. Something tells me he knocks Vance out of the saddle a lot!
We travelled to Helena to shoot this wedding. We had no clue where we were going, but lucky us, we were escorted by the brother of the groom right up to their home, where the ceremony was held. Although the weather was chilly, it was still a very pretty day for an outside wedding, and our new couple was amazing to work with. I can safely say I have never seen a happier groom.
blog2 Her maid of honor was her sister; mother of Max. I love how many "moments" we were able to capture.

blog10 She said she was his favorite person. You think that may be true ;) ?



Vance is patiently waiting on his bride to walk up behind up... down the aisle on their deck.

(we didn't tell him to do that, he was "helping")


blog8 She is talking her mother into not crying!

blog16 We will have more on our preview post at soon.
CONGRATS, Rachel and Vance!


sinai October 13, 2009 at 12:39:00 PM CDT  


Google Earth is a good source to look at ahead of time to plan where you are going.

In many cases you can see the route pictures of the location and direction to travel as well as pictures of the location..

Have A Good Day

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