Thursday, July 2, 2009

Babe Ruth State Tourney

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I've been missing from the blog world for a while. Mostly due to softball... I spend a ton of time at the field watching my child, and watching the children of friends. I also watch quite a bit of baseball. I love sports photography, so I take a lot while I am there. We hosted the BR State Softball tourney here this year. I was very impressed with the way the board, and all the volunteers, handled this huge responsibility. I won't go into naming names because I will certainly leave someone out, but I will say that each and every one deserve a big thank you for all the time and hard work they put into making things of this magnitude run smoothly. The above photo pictures part of the Monticello KnockOuts, the 7-8 yr old team that took second place. My daughter played on the other 7-8 yr old team, and they didn't fare so well... I wish they'd stop doing two teams per division, but that's not my call!
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The opening ceremonies were awesome. It was 900 degrees, but it was still good! The umpires did a great job this year, especially you, Ashlee :) Rebecca Socia recieved a plaque for all her dedication.
statetourney09 086 The first pitch was thrown out by Gene Norton. (Joey Norton is deserving of a huge thank you for his dedication as well! He was quite the water boy & then some!)

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The National Guard raised the flags. Regretfully I don't know who sang the national anthem but they did a great job. Matt Terry delivered the prayer.
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Last but not least, the Monticello Crush took him 1st place in the 9&10 yr old division. They are coached by Blake Burns, Ked Donham, and Cara Abbott. I have watched a lot of these girls all season, and am pretty attached! They played their hearts out, and came back through the losers bracket to win it all. I saw some amazing catches (CAROLINE ADAIR!), some great pitching (KATIE & JAYE) and some wonderful catching (EMILEE) and could not be more proud of each and every one of you if you were my own kids! It was such a great thing, to see these kids NEVER whine about the heat, and to truly give it their all. My connection here is from being very close friends with Blake. Because of her, I am lucky enough to get to take part in something as fun as a state championship win, and for that, I thank her. I have had a blast!
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(If anyone wants to save any of these photos, that is fine:)
I worked alongside James Quick Print and Taylor James Design; so tournament photos you saw me taking belong to them. They can be bought at


Blake July 2, 2009 at 8:03:00 PM CDT  

Thank you so much for your support and wonderful pictures throughout our season~It means more to me than you know and I am so glad you were there with me to be a part of it. WE'RE NOT DONE YET, SO GET READY TO DO SOME MORE TOURNEYS!!

karen July 2, 2009 at 9:21:00 PM CDT  

Looks like quite an event! We've been watching a 11/12 year old boys' tournament here in Grants Pass. Our favorite kid's team did very well the first 4 days until the finals when they lost this evening. He pitches & is also a great catcher. Our friend, Kady Grace, who is 13 is headed to Portland for the state finals for girls' fast pitch. She plays 1st base. Good to see you back on your blog.

ash July 6, 2009 at 12:39:00 AM CDT  

ummm u didnt have to point out i was in that thanks!!! it wass a fun experiance! i had a blast but got way tooo hott!!!

and i looked like a ..... well i want say but the umpires outfit does not flatter me!

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