Thursday, May 14, 2009


Every once in a while, you encounter a friend that you just really seem to look up to, and admire. Maybe for their qualities, maybe for their talents, but for whatever reason, you just really think they shine. Kristina is my friend like that.

When my grandmother died, she showed up at my house, with Eric Wright. This was after I had said to everyone that I didn't need company; because I was okay. She came anyway. She is that person. She is that kind soul that has that mother hen instinct to hover over those she cares about. I have benefitted from that hovering.
I am lucky enough to have been her friend when she become a mom for the first time. Lauren Ashton was blessing number one, with Ava and Ally following a few years later. She was born to be a mom. She was BORN to be a big sister, which is how she treated me. Like that over protective-I dare you to mess with her- I will lay down in traffic over her- kind of big sister. And I loved it. Kristina is (hands down) the most artistic person I know. She has used that artsy side to open her own hair bow business. She has the talent to do whatever she darn well pleases.
You know you are an awesome mother & human being when you can honestly say you are close friends to your oldest child's step mom, and your ex husband has no cross words to say about you. That is Kristina.
Kristina's marriage to Ben made her a step mom, and I know she loves those boys to death. No ones kids have better birthday parties and get togethers than that crew.
Tomorrow morning, my dear friend will undergo a double mastectomy. I ask that EVERYONE I know please be in prayer for her, and for her husband, and for the five young children involved. Nothing I have said in this post is padded, or for show. She is what she is, which is an amazing lady. I love her very much; and her family needs her here. Please pray.


Jenny Sipes May 14, 2009 at 6:20:00 PM CDT  

Shelley. . .

What an awesome post! Kristina ought to be very proud to have you in her life as well! This post is great! She sounds like a great person!

Tomorrow is going to be a tough day for her and her family, but through the prayers warriors I know that you have, she will get through this with flying colors! So good luck and I will definitely be keeping you, Kristina, in my thoughts and prayers in the morning!

deepfriedpicklesandicecream May 14, 2009 at 7:12:00 PM CDT  

I will be thinking about her,my goodness.And certainly praying praying praying!I have known her,myself for 15 years.She certainly is the most artistic person I have known and do know.
thinking and praying...

Kasey May 14, 2009 at 9:22:00 PM CDT  

I will be praying all day!!!

dean May 15, 2009 at 12:16:00 AM CDT  

i'll keep her in my prayers. you too.

♥ JaYmE ♥ May 16, 2009 at 4:19:00 PM CDT  

I loved this post, Shelley.
Kristina is a beautiful, strong person and I admire her, too.
I was quite the oddity in high school, and Kristina and I just meshed.
She went against the grain in many of the same ways I did, and her big heart and wonderful personality made her one of my best memories from my school years. She was a true friend back then, and I'm so thankful for networking because she found me a while back and she's the same Kristina she's always been, and I love her very much.
Thanks for this post. ;)

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