Friday, March 20, 2009

Headed out!

Rosjuane and I are headed to Little Rock for bridals. It's our first venture as S&S Wedding Photography. We have been really pleased with all the emails and calls we have gotten. Too bad some of them wanted to book on the same weekend :( We referred a couple to a photog friend. Hopefully we will pick up a few more for this spring/summer wedding season. We have one in April at.......drumroll please........... The Allen House!!!!!!! We are pumped. Maybe we can get a few of some orbs while we are there. I just hope the ghosts like us.

I can't believe it's so cold on the first day of spring.... weird. J has her first on the field practice and I will miss it. That's not like me... but I knew taking on more weddings was going to cause schedule conflicts. I don't like the idea that every field practice is at 5 on Friday, but oh well. It's sure going to be a different season with her being on a new team. We have talked to some parents from last year that aren't loving the change at all. I was glad to hear from three sets of parents that miss Michael and I. Our sweet Dottie Grace cried through her first practice because she doesn't understand the whole draft thing. J doesn't get it either. All they know is "part" of the old team is still together, but not all, so they feel left out. I am trying to make it add up for them, so they don't think anyone "skipped" them! I am sooo glad Mykayla is on Blake's team, so I will get to see a lot of her this season. I am sure we will get used to the changes, but for now, I hate it. Like Dottie's mom said, we had a "family" last year, so we are resistant to change!

I am anxiously awaiting my lunch at PF Changs.... and our routine trip to the consignment store. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Don't forget, Spring Portraits at my house tomorrow!


Blake March 20, 2009 at 12:13:00 PM CDT  

We are lovin us some Mykayla!! I'm so glad she is on our team...along with our other girls (we love them, too!). I'm also ready to watch J play again this year!

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