Sunday, January 11, 2009

How'd you end up there?

is something we have been asked a lot lately, in regards to us worshipping at Immanuel Baptist. I don't know if the surprise in people's voices is intentional or not, but it's sure there a lot of the time! I think that's because we had taken part in what is considered "non traditional" worship style for the last couple of years, and I believe most people would call IBC a typical baptist church. Well, let me tell you, it really isn't, at least not in that "bad" stereotype kind of way, where you picture a place that's in a rut, not growing, and is spiritually lukewarm. But anyway, back to that frequently asked question; "how'd yall get into going there?" It's really simple.

I have watched Ashlee's leadership with the youth and seen through her, that there are good things going on at IBC. (Are there a ton of youth? no. But numbers of butts in pews doesn't necessarily indicate anything about a level of worship, now does it?) So anyway, I got a good idea about certain aspects of it through her blog. (You never know who's lurking on there, do you?) By the end of 2008 it was apparent that a new church home was in our future, so it was really listening and paying attention to what people had to say about their home church. In somewhat of an "accident" we "found" IBC because of this. Yes, that's right. The live nativity scene drew us in, and while we were there, we had no less than 20 people speak, smile, and let us know they were glad we came. (My aunt Cleo attends there, too, so she loaded my kids up on cookies and hot chocolate and they were instantly sold on the place, haha) So we decided that night we would visit, and just see how it went. Neither Michael nor I have a shy bone in us, so going somewhere we didn't know more than a handful of people wasn't an issue. So off we go, to check out preaching. Once again, we are greeted with handshakes and hugs, and plenty of "we're glad ya cames" and enjoyed a good sermon from Bro. Larry, who has been my pastor at Wilmar in the past. We soon find out we aren't sneaking out the back door without staying for potluck, thanks to Mr. Steve. (Who also somehow got thrown in my path a couple more times at Walmart, and I don't think that was an accident). We find ourselves having a fine lunch with good people that are eager to tell me about the children's program, the desire for a praise band, and all about Sunday school. I am steadily thinking, this is too easy.... things are just too simply falling into place. So the next week, we try Sunday school as well, since I am a FIRM believer in needing to attend SS just as much, if not more, than preaching. It's too easy (for me) to day dream during the sermon...or mentally make a grocery list, or something like that. You just can't do that in Sunday school! I go in thinking, this is going to waaaaay too problem-free....there's going to be something I don't like about Sunday school...surely.... guess what. NOPE. Not a thing in the world to not like. I like the literature, I like the teaching/speaking methods used, and I can grasp it. Once again...whew. That was easy. So I decide we will do the Wednesday night thing. Guess who's kids love it. Mine!

I can't tell you at this point if and when I will formally say it's a done deal, and that we are there to stay, but I can tell you, I feel no pulling at my heart to visit anywhere else. God threw Ashlee in my path for a reason. He made Calvin be a Roman Soldier for a reason. He sent Mr. Steve to Walmart for a reason. And that reason, I firmly believe, is my family's salvation. Although I do believe in "once saved always saved," I don't believe it's a license to screw up intentionally. I believe we should live LIKE we can lose it, whether we can or not. I hope this chain reaction of witnessing will help lead my girls to being saved. Not a bad thing to say you have a hand in, huh?


Lou Arnold January 11, 2009 at 7:55:00 PM CST  

Immanuel is a great church. Ashton goes there on Wednesday nights. They have been more than welcome to us, even though we regurlarly attend another church. There children's minsitry is awesome. Glad you have found a church.

Mandy January 12, 2009 at 1:15:00 PM CST  

I'm so happy to hear you found a place you feel good about. :) I pray that this takes you guys even farther on your walk with Christ!

karen January 12, 2009 at 11:43:00 PM CST  

It's great to hear that the Lord has lead you to a church that appears to fit your needs! I pray that you will continue to enjoy it as you grow in Him!

MInTheGap January 13, 2009 at 11:12:00 AM CST  

I'm glad to see that you are listening for the Lord's direction and it seems like he's leading you to the right place. Praise God!

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