Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's almost time!

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December 23 is a holiday that is celebrated at my house, known as Christmas Eve Eve. We went to dinner with the Burns' last night for our Christmas get together, without dad.... He was at work until almost 8 pm. (Which isn't uncommon, blech!) We don't do gifts. It's all about friendship, and valuing each other's company, which is plenty to me.
We ate at Cowboys, which is always good. My kids fought over Miss Blake, as usual, so she had to sit in the middle. Good thing she sat her purse on J's side, because K dumped her coke on her on the other. Oops. She didn't mind, so that one was smoothed over easily. They love them some Miss Blake :) She is like one of those people that some kids call their aunts, that really aren't related.... I just don't do that. I don't have my kids call unrelated people Aunt so&so. We just go with Miss and Mr... and they love some Mr. Michael too :)
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Once dad finally got home, we let them open one gift each, which was a set of Blopens. They LOVE these things, and they actually work really well. I am sure they will have them used up soon, but for now, they are having a large time. K thought we were getting to hand deliver the toys for tots stuff we bought on Friday to the kids tonight. She wasn't happy with leaving them at the drop off point (sled at Ryburn) at all. She wanted to get to hand them out. Tonight my parents will come by and bring some gifts I had stored over there. Tomorrow I am starting my new tradition of staying home ALL DAY LONG and not going to any family functions on either side until late tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait.
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Hope you and your family have an awesome Christmas!


bowling1 December 24, 2008 at 10:49:00 AM CST  

See Blake, what goes around comes around. You've been my "neice" forever and now you have "neices" of your own! Please try to do a great job with J & K like I've done with you!!! December 27, 2008 at 2:35:00 AM CST  

I dont exchange gifts with my friends either,we usually bake cookies and exchange those.

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