Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bright's Closet

Happy Thanksgiving from Bright's Closet
We hope you have a great time this Thanksgiving Holiday with your families!
We will open at 7 a.m. on Friday, November 28th.
Our "After Thanksgiving Day" sale will be on the Friday and Saturday - - - but - - - you may enjoy these sales today (Wednesday, November 26) as well.
Remember, we always have free gift wrapping!
We will have many unlisted sales not listed here. These are a just a few.
* 10% off – Aventura. If you haven’t experienced this organic cotton line, you must come in and try it! Some pieces are made of combinations bamboo, soy, and recycled polys. There softness if unbelievable.
* 20% off – all jeans including Miss Me, Jag, Worn, NYDJ, Live a Little….
* 30% off – all Spanx
* 40% off – Putumayo – Great jackets, skirts, sweaters, and tops.
* 50% off – Putumayo Hobo Bag
* 60% off – Kokomo
* 70% off – original price of all clearance
* 80% off – silk scarves (Regular price is $12-30)
* 90% off – Clearance Basket. (Items are marked with a black X on the price tag.)
When you check out, say, "Gobble Gobble," and receive an additional 10% of your entire purchase.
A preview of some additional specials:
Buy a pair of Miss Me Jeans and get a Miss Me or Miss Me Couture top or jacket for 25% off. (Remember, the jeans are already 20% off.)
Buy a pair of Worn Jeans and get any jacket/coat for 25% off.
Buy a pair of Krazy Larry pants and get $20.00 of any additional item.
NYDJ – Buy one get one (of equal or lesser value) half off.


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