Monday, October 27, 2008

Did you buy your child a car? Or, did your parents buy you one?

It was mentioned in another post that I should as that one, so here it is. And here is my answer:

Yes, my parents bought me a new car, with many new cars to follow that one. It was something they wanted to do, and I definitely enjoyed it. My dad wanted me to enjoy being a kid, and not have to worry about working, because he felt I had the rest of my life to work, so I could have a large time until then.
I realize there are a lot of people that are going to argue with that, but that's your own choice :) I also had a texaco charge card, and was given a credit card to go to the mall pretty often too. I NEVER misused either credit card, and that was why I was allowed to have them. If I had had to buy my own car, I would have had to drive something my parents would not have felt good about me running around in, and that wasn't an option to them.
I did babysit, & work in tomatoes to earn spending money. I will throw this in: I was allowed to get one tank of gas per week on that card. But, that didn't mean I could buy my own gas if I used more; it meant that one tanks worth of "crusin" town was enough, and that was my limit, to go to school, and to run around on weekends.

It worked out just fine for my household to work this way. (And by the way, when you turn 18 at MY parents house, if you take the car they have been paying for until then, you also take the PAYMENT BOOK with you as well.)


Mindy October 27, 2008 at 10:09:00 AM CDT  

I saved up and bought my own. Keep in mind, my grandparents raised me, so they thought that they had to teach me responsibility. Which they really did. I believe working and paying for my own things helped me become STRONGLY independent. Some may see that as a good/bad thing.
My husband for one, couldn't stand it when we first got married, because I liked to do everything myself without any help.
My grandma ran a tight household, so I didn't really get a say on what kind of car that I got. I wanted a 87 chevy silverado but since she had that old fashioned way of thinking, I didn't get a truck. I am still thankful though, I did get a car, a 91 grand prix and it was a good car and lasted for a few years.

The Perry Family October 27, 2008 at 10:29:00 AM CDT  

don't feel bad, my dad bought me a new car for graduation. even with the car before, all i did was work to have gas money and he paid the rest. 2 years later when i got married, the payment book came with me too! :)

ashlee October 27, 2008 at 10:36:00 AM CDT  

i wanted a sports car for my first one said he didnt think that was wise at 15 so my dad baught me a brand new gallant and if i took care of it till i was 16 i could have an eclipse! So at 16 i got the eclipse...brand new....then i got a GMC Jimmy...then another eclipse....then a honda! so yes my dad baught me car after car but i babysat, worked tomatos,and worked at sonic for my dad....i never put gas in it he did or i went to exxon and charged it to him lol!!! I was spoiled but had to do right. I didnt go out partying and stuff...i had rules and i followed them! I bought my first honda on my own while in college at 22 still have the car! so i dont see a problem at all in your parents buying you cars if they can afford it!

Jennifer October 27, 2008 at 11:07:00 AM CDT  

my parents bought my vehicles..not new ones though.(boo!) But at least I didn't have to buy it! I don't think parents are wrong either way they go. Some parents just can't afford to do that and the kids have to pay for them, but it all depends on the kid and how they handle either situation. Just because stuff is bought for you doesn't make the kid irresponsible..although some kids are irresponsible whether they buy it themselves or it's bought for them. So again, I say, it all depends on the kid and how you raise them!!

Mindy October 27, 2008 at 12:00:00 PM CDT  

In my post I didn't mean that just because your parents bought you your own car, it made you irresponsible.
Just to make that clear, lol.
I agree with Jennifer, most folks don't have the money. I want to help my kids buy their own. October 27, 2008 at 12:35:00 PM CDT  

My mother didnt have the money to buy me a car but if she had I am pretty sure she would have because my parents bought me a moped when I was 14 which I never rode on and told them to sell.She also paid for 3/4 of my wedding and that was something else I never thought she would be able to do being a single mom(she worked at Burlington).

Jamies parents did not buy him a car either but he has worked in some way,shape or form since he was 8.First it was mowing yards,then Burger King and then onto jobs when he was 17 at places like Springlift.So apparently he started collecting cars,he gave Mandy that mustang-that was one of his cars.We also have my niece a car in our yard,that she can have and we will pay the insurance on,if she brings up her grades,keeps them up etc.

I dont know how I feel about it,but being that my husband LOVES giving gifts like that,my kids will probably have one...LOL

Rosjuane October 27, 2008 at 4:06:00 PM CDT  

I will probley buy my kids some sort of a car. I'm sure it won't be new it may in fact be one of our hand-me-downs (but nice). Shelley remembers the Cherry Bomb. I had to drive my parents car. They couldn't even afford to buy themselves nice cars. I bought my first car when Ashlyn was a little over a year old and my mom has it now. I would like to do more for my kids but it will depend on money. Garret will probley get some 4 wheel drive toyotaish truck and Ashlyn a camery or honda used. They will work unless they have extra curricular things that prevent that. I want them to do in school as much as possible and be a kid, but if they don't do that they won't be running the roads durring the week and weekend or sitting at home. They don't have to work alot but some. If working they will be responsible for paying some of there way. Whether it be gas, payment, insurance, clothes, something. I won't be able to furnish it all. If they don't work there will be things they are responsible for doing around the house. Something. I worked and paid for my stuff. Clothes, lunch money, Sonic, ect. I was just independant though. It never felt like I HAD too. I think it's to each it's own. But I don't agree with buying and keep buying if they don't take care of it. You don't teach them anything by fixing every mistake.

dean October 27, 2008 at 8:41:00 PM CDT  

i worked mowing lawns when i was in jr. high (actually it was A lawn, and when th eold guy died, his sisters (who lived with him) told me i didn't need to come mow anymore :-( in 10th grade i got a job stocking shelves, cashiering and bagging groceries, and saved and bought my first car. because we moved to MS from NJ about th etime i had enough money for a car, i had to wait to buy it when we got settled in at our new house. 4 months later i totaled it. i didn't have a job in MS until after i graduated high school, so my dad bought the next one... since he traveled monday thru friday (sometimes saturday) and my mom never learned how to drive, he bought it more out of necessity than because he wanted to reward my recklessness. it was a 1972 buick le sabre. it was about a quarter mile wide and 2 miles long. they were company cars where my dad worked and after 2 years they got new ones and sold the old ones; that's how i got that one. after that i bought my own cars. well, when i was penniless after my divorce about 20 years ago, he helped me pay off the car i had at the time.

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