Sunday, August 31, 2008

message from a fellow waterless family!!

We saw on your blog about the water as well as read about it on Monticello Live.
Believe us, we share your frustration. We live off hwy 35 and have had no water
since about 2pm Friday.

Here are a couple of contact numbers for Yorktown. I have been in touch with both
only to receive different stories from both. I have a feeling they are telling us
anything to get us off the phone. They cannot tell you when it will be fixed or
what they are doing to solve the problem.

The story we got that makes most sense is that the storm blew out the power to C&L
electric yesterday. When they fixed the power, it blew a fuse on the well pump.
They called an electrician to fix it from Hot Springs, who no doubt did not make it
here until after dark. Meanwhile although we did not have pressure, we were on
gravity flow from the Montongo water tower, which without a water supply from the
well was running dry quickly.

They claim that they fixed the pump and replaced the fuse. They also told us we
would have water by this morning. Not hardly! I called them this morning asking
what was up and they told me that until all the water lines between here and
Montongo fill up, we will not get any water. They say the major problem between us
and Montongo is Windy Hill, which is the same elevation as the water tower. They
claim when the tower fills up, then we will have water. I just drove up and checked
the tower a little bit ago and it is still sitting on about 3/4 full, which is where
it has been sitting for most of the day today. I even talked to a friend of mine up
on 5 mile hill and he has water. It is very close, but unfortunately not close

Something needs to be done about this. We moved out here in 2006 and have had
nothing but problems from Yorktown Water Association. I wish the city of Monticello
would annex us or something.
Hope this info helps. Here are the numbers.
870-370-0018 Freddie
870-370-0019 Willie
Feel free to call and talk to them. I don't know what they can tell you.


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