Monday, June 16, 2008

Lake Village Tournament

I have covered a few of my nephews ballgames, and one of my daughter's games. I have ended up getting quite a few action shots that were pretty cool. I have had several of the baseball moms inquire about buying them, and because of that, those galleries are unlocked and can be bought online (for very cheap pricing) directly through my smugmug proofing site. The paper is not the same as the paper I typically order for, but it is still pro quality, and looks great.

Because Jordan will be playing in the tournament in Lake Village, I plan to take quite a few shots during the 4 day tournament. I would appreciate it if my readers help pass the word that parents can check my site for coverage of their child's game. I will do what I can to get as many shots as possible, but it will of course depend on when Jordan plays. If you see me there, just let me know, "that kid" is mine, and I would like some of her, so that way I know to try and focus on your ballplayer as much as I can, if I am not tied up with my own child's team. I plan to take a lot, if at all possible, of both 7-8 yr old teams.

SOFTBALL2008 005 copy
I can also do your child's individual all star portraits!


ashlee June 19, 2008 at 11:08:00 PM CDT  

ok im coaching and i want my picture taken!!! LOL GOOD LUCK to yall...we are the 14 under Monticello Dirt Divas!!!! SEE YOU in Lake Village

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