Thursday, October 18, 2007


I am rambling on this today because I have my own struggles with this one. In Proverbs 31:12 it says, " she does him good and not evil all the days of her life." This is such a powerful verse to read and then try to live by. Basic point seems to be, if you read it all, is Don't kill, mame, harm your husband. I can do that much, it is the other I struggle with because anything not good and uplifting to your husband is evil. Example: Talking about him behind his back to my friends when he irritates the crap out of me, demeaning him to my children in one way or another, discouraging him, dishonoring him, talking down to him, nagging him, and the list goes on..... and on…. And on…..
My current struggle is getting my husband off to work in the AM with a smile. I did well at this for awhile, when we first got married. You know, the normal stuff, fixing his breakfast, having his clothes ready, and of course sending him off with a big hug and kiss. Since the kids have been born he has sometimes left the house with none of these things. He wakes up SINGING! Literally. It makes me crazy. (I know, what a stupid thing to let bother me, but it DOES!) I have in those AM hours the ability to make or break my husband's potential for a good day and am doing a poor job with it. This verse is a reminder to me that I am to do him good and not evil, regardless of what I want, all the days of his life. Wow. This shouldn’t be such a challenge, should it? Being married is WORK!
I also realized lately that my children hear these negative things I am doing to my husband and it has affected their attitudes. It may be the only time I am negative to him, only 5 or 10 minutes but they mirror my attitude throughout the day. I am committing to work on this problem because it will definitely make me feel better, make Michael happy, and give my children a better example to live by. Amazing how one small tidbit of wisdom can effect so many areas of ones life, huh?

I have accepted:
It’s a hard thing to be a Christian 100% of the time.
It’s because love costs something, good stuff is rarely free.
It costs our comfort (not wanting to pray in front of others, getting up out of bed to come to church, being willing to get out there and witness), it costs our wallet(tithing), it costs our lives!!
Love is what cost Jesus his life.
And that’s the only reason I'm living (and YOU are living), and He is who I'm living for. Gotta keep THAT in perspective, at the TOP of the priority list.

"God does great things that we cannot comprehend." Job 37:5

but I don’t have to comprehend them to appreciate them.


Brandi October 22, 2007 at 8:33:00 PM CDT  

Girl, I had to comment to let you know that change is possible...thank you sweet Jesus! It all comes down to asking the Lord to make us conscious of how we are treating others. Even if that means we are reminded with every word, every day. God is good and he will do that for you. You have to remember that how you treat Mike teaches your girls how to treat their future boyfriends and husbands. That kind of knowledge make you look at things a little differently, huh? How would you feel if you saw one of the girls behaving that way? I hated to look at my behavior that way because it really scared me! I try every day and make mistakes every day but we are an ongoing process and every little step counts!!!!!!

Maury Draper October 23, 2007 at 10:04:00 PM CDT  

This can be so hard sometimes! Yes, it is a great post! This is something I need to work on. You are right, it is teaching our children our bad ways!

(I am not a morning person, but luckily Clay isn't either, so we both just kinda don't talk! My mom was always chipper in the morning, and it drove me CRAZY!!!)

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