Thursday, April 12, 2007

ok so I can't come up with a page I like.........

I can't make this page look like I want it to.

It is making me MAD!!!!!!!!!



Jaime April 12, 2007 at 10:27:00 AM CDT  

Let me help ya....
Do you want a customized banner?
I would love to help....
I agree it is hard to find something you like. I changed mine again too...LOL

Shelley Smith Photography April 12, 2007 at 10:31:00 AM CDT  

YAY JAIME!!!!!!!!! Of course I do!!!!!!!!

K.T. April 12, 2007 at 8:05:00 PM CDT  

Girl,This blogspot template is crazy to me.........Jeff does great work also!!!

Brandy April 13, 2007 at 7:45:00 AM CDT  

what do you mean? i think that one is beautiful!

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