Friday, December 1, 2006

More about my style!

I have always loved images and art in all its many forms. With pencils and paint I attempted to create images of beauty, yet I found myself frustrated with my efforts. Even Mrs. Ross could not turn me into Picasa....
It wasn't until I picked up a camera in an attempt to document my life with my husband and two daughters that I discovered I was able to capture those elusive visions and share them with others.

The thing I love about portraiture is capturing the very essence of a person or capturing that fleeting moment in time - making it tangible - making it permanent. Photography allows me to steal a little time, tucking it away for later. My babies came into this world super tiny, and I am so thankful that I took "too many" photos.

I aim to capture genuine expressions, not forced smiles. A pout, an intense gaze, a cheeky grin, even tears and tantrums can be captured with beauty, sensitivity and honesty.

I use only natural light and the given surroundings, as such my style is relaxed and informal. Take your time looking through my portfolio at so you can get a feel for the types of images I love to capture.

I would love to talk with you about taking pics for you anytime!


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